Jeanne - Short Film - 22'00'' (E)

No one will bring the world peace as he who has achieved it and has had to figth for it. (Leopold Ziegler)

Niemand wird der Welt Frieden bringen als wer ihn zuvor sich selbst errungen und erkämpft hat. (Leopold Ziegler)

Jeanne - the story

based on the poem „The Feet in the Fire“ by C. F. Meyer

In a small picturesque town Anton bids goodbye to his pregnant fiancée Sabrina. Like on
every third Sunday of the month, he has received an order he has to carry out under strict secrecy. The journey evolves differently than planned. Suddenly, Anton is confronted with his past. He has to face an action, which he had long repressed.

Jeanne - some stills from the short film